It is a worldwide known island for its unique volcano and the magic sunsets.  Santorini has often been connected with the lost city of  Atlantis. 

The wild beauty, the bewitching Kaldera, the nicest sunset in the whole world, pure white houses, impressive hotels, unlimited breath-taking view, special beaches with crystal-clear waters, all this structures the island.

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A town with great history, found in a junction, which, through the centuries, acquired a high strategic and economic importance.

A place of unification of the sea and the land roads, an important port between Constantinople and Thessaloniki, linking the East with the West. From Kavala you can take a boat to go to beautiful Thassos island (by ferry boat, yacht or speedboat option).

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Corfu is one of the biggest and most famous islands of Greece. It belongs to the islands of the Ionian Sea. The island was Elizabeth's (the Empress of Austria) favourite vacation place.

During the decades, it was a crucial trade centre and a crossroad of many civilizations. 400 years of Venetian occupation, some years of Russian, British and French domination...

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It is one of the largest islands of West Cyclades. The island is primarily famous for its gastronomy with a rich tradition. It is not accidental that it is the birthplace of Nikolaos Tselementes, the first Greek “Master Chef”. 

An island with picturesque Cycladitic villages, pure white houses, stone-paved narrow streets, 227 churches with blue and white domes, traditional pottery workshops, golden sand beaches with blue waters, unique natural beauties, interesting sights and restaurants with heavenly food.